5 Things Thursday: Dublin Core, Digital Images, WWII Films, Cataloging

Five more things:

  1. Indiana University Libraries launches digital exhibition of World War II propaganda films.
  2. Hack Library School interviews two librarians regarding cataloging and metadata. Most important point is that knowing where and how to find the information (like RDA toolkit and other resources) is more important than knowing it all right out of the gate.
  3. Library Juice Academy offers a…

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5 Things Thursday: DAM, Twitter, Metadata

Here are five more things:

  1. How should you prepare for digital asset management?
  2. More DAM tips from Electric Lane’s Sarah Saunders, DAM Guru.
  3. Another lovely CONTENTdm collection – 19th Century Political Ballots from Boston Athenaeum.
  4. This introduction to metadata piece discusses Dublin Core and MODs in a tidy fashion.
  5. What are the best Twitter hashtags for librarians to check out (no pun intended)?

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5 Things Thursday: Metadata, Librarian Lifesavers, Cool Collections

Here are 5 more things:

  1. Last note on the 10th anniversary of the Central Library of The Seattle Public Library – an NPR report.
  2. Metadata is key to lots of insight. Learn why it should be taken seriously here.
  3. The fantastic circus collection from the University of Texas at Austin.
  4. Amusing videoon why librarians save lives from the Public Library Association conference. Please note, I do not…

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5 Things Thursday: Librarians, Seed Catalogs, Archival Resources

Here are five things to expand your library minds:

  1. Five things that people don’t realize librarians do. Because they just read books all day…
  2. Fabulous resource page from The National Archives in the UK. The section on Practical Guidance is particularly compelling.
  3. Lovely collection of seed catalogs in a digital archive from the USDA.
  4. Take this surveyon Cross Perceptions of Public Services and…

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5 Things Thursday: BISAC, DAM, Special Collections

Here are five more things to consider:

  1. Some fine resources on switching to a BISAC classification system – Dewey We or Don’t We?
  2. Hack Lib School on surviving cataloging class.
  3. How do people (especially kids) name things? A fascinating study of naming and ordering in special collections.
  4. Book – Digital Asset Management for Photographers.
  5. Librarian parody songs.

BONUS: The Seattle Public Library ce…

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5 Things Thursday: CONTENTdm, Secret Libraries, Online Classes

Here are five more library-related things to amaze you.

  1. Stephen Abram summarizes ALA’s 2014 State of America’s Libraries report.
  2. Check out these Secret Libraries of New York City. I know what I’ll be doing on vacation in the fall…
  3. Where can you find some affordable online courses on library topics like metadata, RDA, and XML? Library Juice Academy has some interesting choices.
  4. The CONTENTdm…

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5 Things Thursday: Local History, EAD, Web Archives

Here are five more things…

  1. A little local history find for Seattle folks – “Lost Eddie Sato World’s Fair Photos Now Found.” The slides were at a discount store in Chicago. Pretty mod stuff!
  2. Why archive websites? This article from LOC tells you about the why and what of web archiving.
  3. I’ve been looking for examples of nice finding aids in CONTENTdm. Here are some from the Phillips Library.
  4. I must…

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5 Things Thursday: Metadata, Finding Aids, Archives, Digitization

Here are five super things to peruse:

  1. How will the Vatican digitize millions of documents? Start with 50 experts, five scanners and a lot of time…
  2. Take part in the Librarian Design Challenge over on theanalogdivide.
  3. Metadata is a GAAS – granularity, automation, authority, and structure are all key players in creation.
  4. Great articleon adding finding aids to the library catalog. MARC, EAD and…

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5 Things Thursday: Postcard Collection, Happy National Library Week, DAM

Here are five wonderful things:

  1. Happy National Library Week!
  2. Check out this fantastic postcard collection online at the Tacoma Public Library.
  3. What is DAM?
  4. America’s libraries photographed. And yes, The Seattle Public Library makes it again.
  5. I want this book on Description: Innovative Practices for Libraries and Special Collections.

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5 Things Thursday: Cataloging, Rare Books, Future

Here are five things and a question:

  1. Should you take a cataloging course in grad school? Hack Lib School says yes and I say heck yeah!
  2. Want to learn more about rare books and go to California? California Rare Book School has some fabulous offerings. I hope to attend someday.
  3. Really nice job on CONTENTdm collections from Ball State University here.
  4. Does the futurefor public libraries include a…

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